Our Favourite RevShare Site

There are so many Revenue Sharing sites around that it is difficult to decide which ones to use.   Here are some  things to look for when making the decision:

1.  Firstly, the site should offer a realistic return on any ad packs that you purchase.  There is considerable cost involved in buying ad packs.   First, you have to transfer funds into your payment processor. That will probably cost you 2.5%.   Then, you need to transfer the funds to the RevShare site. That will cost you another 2.5%.   Eventually, you will want to withdraw the funds.   That will cost you another 2.5%.  We are quickly up to 7.5% in expenses.   So, your ad packs must return at least 10% in order to be worthwhile.   The good news, of course, is once your ad packs start earning money, you are using the site's money for subsequent purchases, saving around 5% on costs.    We recommend that you purchase ad packs returning 20% to 50% in your initial purchase.   It is ok for subsequent purchases to generate less income (10% to 15%), since your costs for those is less.

2.   The site needs to make money in order to have any revenue to share and in order to have a sustainable business model.   If their only source of income is the sale of ad packs, figure it out for yourself.   It's probably a Ponzi scheme.   A lot of sites offer banners, text ads and website links as part of the ad pack deal.   That's ok, as long as they also offer reasonably-priced advertising packages to generate some other income.   Otherwise, they are only counting on new suckers coming along to buy ad packs to pay off those who signed up early.

3.  The site should pay a reasonble commission for any business you bring them.   "Reasonable" is the key word here.   If they offer 25% commission with ten levels, it is probably a Ponzi scheme.

Now we would like to tell you about our favourite Revenue Share site.   It's SwissAdsPays and you would have seen a lot of advertising for it lately.   Here are the reasons why we like it:

1.  They offer four different ad packs ($1,  $5,  $25 and $50).  

The $1 ad pack pays 5% return.   This ad pack isn't adviseable (in our opinion) for your initial purchase since the cost of putting money into it and getting out is more than 5%.  Once you start using the site's funds, then the $1 ad pack is ok.   We do, however, recommend that you only purchase $5 (or larger) ad packs.   If your referrals purchase  a $1 ad pack, you will receive a 3% commission (one level only) .   The $1 ad pack entitles you to 5,000 banner ads and 5,000 text ads.

The $5 ad pack pays 10% return.   Unless you can't afford more, we only advise the purchase of this ad pack once you start using the site's money.   The $5 ad pack pays a return of 10% with a 5-level commission structure starting at 5%.   Don't forget, the site has to make money too!!   Like the $1 ad pack, this one includes 5,000 banners and 5,000 text ads.

The $25 ad pack pays a 20% return (now we are getting somewhere).   It also has a 5-level commission structure, but it starts at 8%.     It includes 25,000 banners and 25,000 text ads.

The $50 ad packs pays an exceptional 40% return with a 5-level commission structure starting at 10%.   It includes 50,000 banners and 50,000 text ads.

2.  As mentioned above, SwissAdsPays has a very competitive commission structure without overpaying just to entice new members.

3.  Purchases and withdrawals are very fast, usually under a minute.

4.  You can use PayZa, SolidTrustPay, Payeer, CoinPayment and your bank account for purchases and withdrawals.

5.  Most revenue sharing sites require that you click on a minimum number of ads every day.   SwissAdsPays is no exception.   But, the GOOD news is that they only require that you click on five ads. The even BETTER news is that you can pre-click ads in advance.   If you are going on holiday for a week, for instance, you can click on 35 ads before you go and not worry about it until you get back.  A powerful feature for those who are frequently away from their computer.   We try to keep about five days ahead just in case we lose internet connection or have to be away unexpectedly.

A quick note about banners and text ads.   They don't do you a bit of good unless people are going to see them.   SwissAdsPays has a very fair PTC payout of $0.03 per ad clicked for paid members and just under $0.01 for free members.   This is a great way to get people to the site.   This payout doesn't apply to the banners and text ads that are included with the ad packs, but it does draw visitors to the site.

Give all of this some serious thought.   If you have any questions, you can contact us by clicking here.   You will also find the support team at SwissAdsPays to be some of the best in the industry.   They will at least get back to you.

We are so confident that you will like what you see at SwissAdsPays, we will pay you $1 if you purchase a $5 pack and $5 if you try a $50 pack.      Just email us and we'll send you a coupon code for you to use for your first purchase.

In the mean time, click on the banner below and register.

While we have your attention, here's another site that you find to be of interest.   How often do you find that you have money in an account with PayPal, for instance, and need to make a purchase using PayZa?   Here's a site that lets you transfer from and to PayPal, PayZa, Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney, OkPay and others.  They also pay a nice commission for referrals.   Check it out by clicking on the banner below.