We will pay you $1 for every $20 you invest
We are so confident that you will like Amazing5 that we will pay you $1 for every $20 you invest.

If you prefer Bitcoins, we'll send the equivalent in Bitcoins.
All you have to do is:
1.  Click on the banner below and consider investing in Amazing5.

2.  Register as an investor in Amazing5.
   3. Fund your account with at least $20 

Once you have funded your account, send us an email and tell us your Amazing5 login and your PayZa email address or Bitcoin wallet ID and we'll send your bonus within six hours.  
For every $20 you invest, we’ll send you $1 or the Bitcoin equivalent.
If you invest $100, we’ll send you $5 or the Bitcoin equivalent. 
If you invest $500, we'll send you $25 or the Bitcoin equivalent.

Please note that we are paying you, not the folks at Amazing5.  We haven’t automated the payment process, so it may take up to six hours to pay you (we do sleep some times).

Here’s what we like about Amazing5

  1.  They have over 50,000 investors and haven’t missed a
       payment since they started five months ago.

  2.  “The Five” investment plan pays participants 5% each
        workday (Monday through Friday) for 31 days.   If you
        invest $100, you receive a total of $155 after 31 workdays.

  3.   The “Fixed 112” plan pays 12% on your investment after

        10 calendar days.  If you invest $100, you will receive
        $112 after ten days.
  4.  Their website "speak" 10 different languages.

  5.  What really makes Amazing5 exciting is that they pay 10%
        commission for level 1 referrals, 2% commission for level 2
        and 1% for level 3.

Reminder.... just click here to send us an email so we can pay you.   Don't worry, we'll contact you if you forget.