Our Favourite Faucets

Every day, we discover a few more faucets giving away crypto currencies including Bitcoins, Ethereum, Dogecoins and others.  We have to confess that we have tried most of them. Unfortunately, many of these faucets don't survive.   We've spent hours clicking "claim" buttons and accumulating large quantities of Satoshi's only to discover that a faucet has gone out of business before paying anyone.

Having tested hundreds of faucets, we now have a dozen or so that we use every day and that have never missed a payment.
Here' is one of the most reliable Bitcoin faucets.   This faucet is the only one with a working email address and they typically reply to enquiries within two hours.   Users can "claim" every 60 minutes and collect at least 900 Satoshi's. Like many of the faucets, they randomly give out larger quantities. We have collected 5,000 and even 50,000 Satoshi's a few times.   They pay a generous 50% commission on the referral claims. 


Most of the faucets pay a specific amount after a  certain time. The one above, for instance, pays about 900 Satoshi's after 60 minutes.   If you don't get around to clicking the "claim" button for two hours, you still get just 900 Satoshi's. Here is a faucet that increases the amount you can claim every few seconds.  This is a great faucet to leave running overnight, as you can claim quite a few Satoshi's in the morning.   You have to wait at least 5 minutes between claims, but the longer you wait, the more Satoshi's you can claim.   It's worth noting that the rate of increase does slow down.  Like the one above, Moon Botcoin pays 50% lifetime commission on the claims of all of your referrals.
This site has three bonsues worth mentioning.  First, there is a loyalty bonus of 1% for every consecutive day that you make at least one claim.  This is capped at 100% and that means you get twice as many Satoshi's as indicated when you claim.  The other bonus is a random one between 0% and 100%, generally around 20%.  Finally, there's a 1% bonus for each referral.   It all adds up!

The next faucet is one of our favourites.   Firstly, it lets you claim 250 to 5,000 Satochi's every 15 minutes.   Then, it pays you a lifetime commission of 50% for each of your referrals. Plus, a 5% bonus based on the total Satoshi's claimed by you and your referrals for the last 72 hours.   If you can old off requesting a refund until you have at least 100,000 Satoshi's, there's another 5% bonus.


While Bitcoins are the most well-known of the crypto currencies, there are a couple hundred others.   Of those, Ethereum is the 2nd highest based on total market capitlisation.   Over the last month, the value of Ethereum coins has gone up 1,200%.   For that reason alone, we think it's worthwhile collecting free Ethereum.   Here are two of our favourite Ether faucets:

Another popular coin accepted by thousands of merchants is Dogecoin.   The good operators of the Free Bitcoin site operate a similar site for Dogecoins and we've been using it for almost a year.   Same 50% referral commissions and almost instantaneous withdrawals.


When it comes to mining crypto currencies, you need to be very careful about selecting which mining operation to use.  Many of those that advertise very high "guaranteed" returns don't even have mining hardware. After a lot of research, we decided to invest with Genesis Mining.   They have some serious hardware installations in four countries, including Iceland.   Why Iceland?   Cheap electricity and very cool temperatures.   Electricity and cooling are the major expenses incurred by "real" mining operations.

With Genesis Mining, you can mine Bitcoins, Ethereum and dozens of other crypto currencies.    Our contracts with Genesis are for Bitcoins and Ethereum and they have been performing nicely, especially with the price of Ethereum going up 1,200% in the last month.   Genesis pays directly to our wallets every day.

If you use our promo code (ZOaB9i) when placing your orders, you will receive the maximum allowed discount of 3%.

If you still have time on your hands to do a bit more clicking, here are some more Bitcoin faucets that you may find worthwhile.   They are all reliable payers.

Finally, here is a safe, reliable site to use to transfer from one crypto currency to another.   After earning some Ethereum, for instance, this site will convert it to Bitcoins for you.  They do this very quickly and with very low buy/sell spreads on the transaction.   We use them at least once a week and have never had a problem.

To discuss any of the faucets or Bitcoin mining, please feel free to contact us and we'll get right back to you.   We are genuinely interested in helping you in any way we can.